Riding Giants – On to the next big enterprise wave

In tracing back my career over the past 13 years since I graduated from business school, I realized three constants have existed. First, I have either worked for, or started companies that designed and built software that served enterprises, including businesses and public sector entities. Second, each of these entities have been highly entrepreneurial, whether a pure startup (iMark.com and Kalivo), an acquisition driven strategy (nGenera / Moxie Software), or an emerging growth company (Trilogy Software). Third, and most critically especially because of the second constant, I started or joined each at the beginning of an emerging technology wave – including front-office automation, Web 1.0 ecommerce, and Web 2.0 social software.

A new technology wave is upon us, and some would call it a true tsunami. This is indeed the biggest and most profound shift in technology that I have seen in the past 13 years as it relates to its potential impact on enterprises and individual workers. The shift that is upon us is the shift to mobile, which will drive a panoply of enterprise mobility challenges and opportunities, and most importantly for those enterprises and individuals that play it right, tremendous value creation potential.

It is with this backdrop that I have decided to found a new company with a focus on the next technology wave that will impact and drive value for enterprises – mobility. The company that I have started is Appconomy. It is founded with a firm belief that “The Apps are the Economy“, meaning that increasingly we are going to find that all that we do that drives the economy, from purchases, to stocking shelves, to processing raw material inventory will be handled by apps on mobile devices in the hands of individuals. This is the wave of the future, and it will have a profound impact on individual productivity, enterprise profitability and global economic performance. Appconomy will play a leading role in this new wave.

With this change, I am moving on from Moxie Software (formerly nGenera), where I have been for the past four years and where I am a co-founder and shareholder. Moxie is a leader in the heart of a current mega market in enterprise social software. It is a wave that I got in front of back in 2006 with Kalivo and nGenera. The company is in great hands with an excellent leadership team and a phenomenal set of product offerings in customer engagement and employee engagement. I’m proud of the work I have done there, including the teams and people we have acquired and hired, the partnerships we have established, including IDEO, the IDEO-designed Employee Spaces product we built, and our re-branding from nGenera to Moxie Software. While I will be primarily focused on driving value with Appconomy, I also continue to serve Moxie Software as a consultant and strategic advisor, and as a member of the company’s strategic advisory board.

That is all for now. I am pumped up about this new market opportunity and hope that you will choose to follow Appconomy, and more importantly use our upcoming apps!

  • Congrats Brian! Hopefully the new company brings you out to the Bay Area so we can see each other regularly.

    • Thanks Chris! Definitely. Let’s grab time together on my next trip … probably January.

  • Congrats bud. Good things ahead fo sho.

  • Exciting times, Brian! Congratulations on your new venture–I noticed you’ve always been savvy about mobile media while I’ve been tracking you on Twitter and in our conversations. It’s been a pleasure working with you at Moxie/nGenera and I’m sure our paths will cross again.