Will Android blow iPhone OS away?

Here is an interesting post from Chris Dannen on FastCompany.com on Android vs. iPhone OS. While he misses the entire point on the 100k+ apps in the iPhone apps store, he does make a compelling point about the future of productivity with mobile + cloud computing going forward. However, the apps store can be overblown to a degree, in that I spend the vast majority of my iPhone time in a select groups of apps … the 80/20 rule applies for sure for me.

With respect to Android vs. iPhone OS, think about the power of being able to search for content based on who is in your contact list. If your contacts list intelligently manages all of the various identities and communities to which each contact belongs, then social search and mobile apps become much more intuitive and compelling. You can now navigate the web, get alerted, and run applications that intelligently know your social graph.  

Applying this in the arena of business applications, imagine in the Customer Engagement space, where now I can begin grouping people I know to be customers of my company in my address book, and my address book intelligently updates these customer contacts with each contact’s various identities and communities across the web. As a product manager, sales rep, or e-services support person, I can be much more intelligent about what is being said about my company, and quickly engage in relevant discussions to advance customer engagement and ultimately sales.

I can see the author’s point on how the iPhone is not yet set up to handle this well. Apple is certainly an innovator though, and may beat Google Android to the punch still.

All I know for me is that I’ll probably not be able to resist trying out Android, mostly because I have Google Voice and I won’t have to hand out a new number (which, by the way, is a very interesting strategic point to watch here too). And with the number of Android phones due to hit the market, this gadget geek may need to think about his gadget budget a little more. 

What do you think about this aspect of Android vs. iPhone OS?

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