Get Satisfaction!

Just happened upon a pretty cool new web service called Get Satisfaction. It is a community site self proclaimed as “People powered customer service for just about everything”.

I found the service doing a search on private video chatting for Seesmic.

It is incredibly easy to use, and addresses a number of customer experience and support needs:

  • I can pose a problem to the community and get feedback and answers
  • Users can vote on my problem / question and opt-in as having it too – allows the biggest issues to bubble to the top
  • Customer self-support is naturally enabled
  • Employees of companies represented within Get Satisfaction can identify themselves and participate in the discussion around their products and services
  • I can add companies and products/services to my dashboard to monitor – I may be a customer or just interested in buying

Seems like a great site for getting customer support and service, and for referrals and pre-purchasing research.

The UI was very easy and intuitive … the process is easy … see the “how to” below … very interesting!

Picture 1.png