SXSW Social Media panel – weigh in with your opinions

I have the great pleasure, thanks to the initiative of Tom Parish, to be a panelist at the upcoming South By Southwest (SXSW) 2008 Interactive conference. The panel will be on Saturday, March 8th, and about Social Marketing Strategies and Metrics.

Here is a brief description of the panel. Tom also has a great write-up here.

Why are CMO’s so scared of social media and social networking? Let’s look at the success of vendors and businesses who have employed these new systems to explore their lessons learned and discover how to leverage social media maketing strategies that will leverage business growth for small, medium and enterprise-scale businesses.

We are looking for your ideas and feedback to make this a great panel. In fact, we would like to include your questions on the panel. Please comment on this post with any suggested questions for us to address.

Some examples include:

  • what is social marketing and how is it different from traditional marketing?
  • what defines success in social marketing?
  • why is management so leery of incorporating social marketing strategies and how can that be changed?

We are hoping for attendees to have the following takeaways:

  • what social media marketing strategies are working
  • how to define metrics for social media marketing strategies and talk with your CMO
  • why you should be thinking about social media and social networking-based marketing strategies for business growth

In particular, I’m hoping my BSG Alliance colleagues will chime in with suggested questions for this panel and case studies addressing the intended takeaways above.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

^ brian

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