LinkedIn following Facebook lead

I read today in Techcrunch that LinkedIn is opening up its platform for application development to follow Facebook’s lead. To me it seems too little and too late … anecdotally I’ve seen a fast pickup shifting of people from LinkedIn to Facebook in my network. I’ve read about the same. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming known as a recruiting tool / job board network.

I’ll go out on a limb to say that LinkedIn needs to do something more interesting than follow Facebook’s moves nine months later.

^ brian

  • BKM – Bruce found this post on my Facebook page and wrote the comment below including the interesting link.

    Bruce Stewart (Vancouver, BC) wrote
    at 12:46am
    See also with a further dig at LinkedIn and Xing deficiencies.

    We need now only to be able to segregate our personal Facebook and professional Facebook pieces thoroughly enough (as always, some people fall into both) & this could well take over.

  • Thanks Bruce. I would like to post your comment on my blog as well … I feed my blog into my Facebook page too. I wish it would broadcast comments back, but that is probably a feature to come.

    I agree with the link you provided – we do need segmentation in Facebook too. We have a group set up for our company (we’ve applied to become a Network, but are still waiting to hear back), but this does not adequately segment my professional profile … it really only allows for some private collaboration, while leaving the rest of my profile open to both my group members and my entire friend network.

  • Please feel free to cross-post my comments. It would be nice if it were automatic; as you say, perhaps a feature to come.

    I was looking at Visual Path this morning ( which suggests the ability to weight and segment relationship links. On the other hand, YASN (yet another social network) thrills me to death – especially when I consider the time it takes to keep up on the three I am part of now. All of these networks – and many of the web-based email systems over the years – need a way for someone to resign from it and cleanly go away, perhaps leaving a simple link to where you hang out now. Something, in other words, that does what moving house does – you send a change of address card, and it is up to others to decide to note that you don’t live in Toronto any more, but in Vancouver, etc. As it is, we just “hang on” in old places – now, do you ignore that forevermore, or do you check it occasionally to see if anyone left a note in your dead letter box?

  • Yes, YASN is a big problem … also YAST (yet another social tool – wiki, blog, forum, etc etc).

    There was a good post in the blogosphere that I unfortunately cannot find that suggested there needs to be an easier way to belong to groups and networks without signing up for a platform (such as Facebook) because that may be a barrier to adoption for some people. I’ll forward it if I find it.