A Web 2.0 / E2.0 Paradigm shift

Listening to Dave Weinberger speak at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. One paradigm shift that seems to thread his presentation so far and is important to understanding Web 2.0 and E2.0 is that the owner of stuff (content) no longer owns its organization on the web. The users own the organization – think about Google’s page rank algorithm (every link impacts results), tagging, etc. Seems to me this is a critical point to understanding the power of Web 2.0 technologies. It may be an obvious point, especially to us deep users of Web 2.0, but it’s very important to understanding the shift.

On a somewhat related topic, at the conference I’m trying to synthesize where the true impact of E2.0 will be on the enterprise based on the presentations and content of the conference. So far (an this has been in Dave’s presentation throughout so far), the area of “knowledge management” for lack of a better term right now seems to be the most common thread – i.e. making the organization more intelligent and effective (at least the knowledge workers). I think bigger impact areas are out there, not to trivialize this area, but these other impact areas seem to not be mainstream yet.

^ brian

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