The Enterprise Transformation is Underway

I just spent a day with executives from two Fortune 500 companies (collectively over $50 Billion in revenue), which for now will remain nameless. Senior executives from both companies were in the room, including the CEO of one of the companies and direct reports to the CEO of both companies.

For those that doubt that enterprises are in the midst of a transformation to becoming Next Generation Enterprises, and that Web 2.0 technology and social change will be part of it, this meeting provides powerful anecdotal evidence that this shift is real and is underway today.

The topics of discussion in the room, and these were around active, real projects, included:

Many in the room were actual members on Facebook, MySpace, SecondLife, among other social networking services.

Also contrary to popular opinion, these companies are not Silicon Valley based technology companies, rather they have been successfully in business for decades and decades. I was impressed with their thinking and how they’re thinking about using Web 2.0 technologies, and social and process change to begin to transform their businesses.

Real value exists in Web 2.0 in the Enterprise (yes, Enterprise 2.0 or e2.0 for short), and the shift is underway.

^ brian