PodTech:Dell Explores Social Media

This is a long, but very good
question and answer session
between Michael Dell and
bloggers at the recent CES. I
thought the session provided
great insight into how Dell is
currently viewing social
media, as well as its
evolution in thinking about
social media. Well worth the
time to watch.

It is clear that Dell is
serious about using social
media to connect with its
customers and improve its
business. It is also clear
that they are experimenting
and do not have clear answers
as to how to best leverage
social media yet.

I am certainly looking forward
to Dell\’s continued evolution
in this area, and hope that
Kalivo can serve them as well.

Click here to view the interview

  • Hi Brian,
    Thanks for noticing our seriousness about being involved with social media and connecting with customers in online conversations.

    In addition to Michael’s discussion, you will find on our blog a recent discussion about our “experiment” with a sort of social media news release,and our desire to try various things; we have opened studiodell-an online video resource; are in Second Life; and have a team working on customer issues, as well as a team that enters conversations and seeks to learn more or explain our position to those with an interest.

    You are right…we do not approach this with all the answers, rather we are approaching it with a view to listening, learning and entering the dialogue.

    We will look forward to your feedback on how we evolve 🙂

  • We just posted this at direct2dell which you might also find of interest

  • Hi Richard,
    Thanks for posting to my site. With the experimentation you’re doing, you may want to check out my company, Kalivo (http://www.kalivo.com). We are based in Austin, and provide a hosted solution for monitoring the web (all social media sites), analytics, and a blog/forum system.

    Feel free to register at kalivo.com, log-in and browse through the site and/or participate in the conversations.

    You’ll see the “CEO Blog” section of that site is a replica of this blog for items tagged “Kalivo”.

    All the best.

  • Passed along your information to several of my colleagues as well, as we are looking at, and beta testing, several new concepets and online initiatives to further support our direct relations with customers. Thanks for the information