For the Record with the Department of Defense

Jeff Nolan wrote this post highlighting the Department of Defense’s initiative to correct media misrepresentations of its comments, policies, and actions. The DoD put up this site, called “For the Record“, where they counter incorrect information in the media world (fyi – before comments come on politics, this is an apolitical post). Jeff wrote about his experiences at SAP and how they could have utilized a similar approach to counter Oracle’s aggressive advertising campaigns. He also provides some constructive criticism of the DoD site.

Jeff’s post is a worthwhile read. The DoD “For the Record” initiative is further evidence of the need for and value of having a communications vehicle in the form of a lightweight website to ensure that you can influence your message. I agree with Jeff that the site needs to add RSS feeds (BTW – they seem to have RSS for everything else). Most organizations would want comments as well, however, I can understand why the DoD did not do this.

These sites do not just need to be to counter negative information or overly aggressive campaigns of competitors. All companies, as part of an effective communications program in this day and age, are missing an entire part of their marketing communications arsenal by not having a lightweight website communications vehicle. They should accept comments too … as that is a critical feedback mechanism.

— brian