The Parallel Entrepreneur – Now I get it

Fred Wilson coined the term "parallel entrepreneur" in this post. Never had a term or codification for it, but it pretty much explains what I’ve been up to now. I also like how the "incubator" thing was debunked – this is very much not an incubator.

I’ve been working to frame an codify my activities in the form of an entity, and I think that will emerge soon. Of course I’ll announce it here, and of course Kalivo will be heavily involved.

Nice post Fred!

— brian

  • Reshama

    Thanks for this article. I was wondering whether there are any stats available on efficiencies of being a parallel entrepreneur. Its definitely worth knowing how many success stories are around as compared to serial entrepreneurs.

  • Reshama,
    Thanks for your comment. No, I do not know of any stats on parallel entrepreneurship. I imaging it is tough to quantify, unless it is done under some vehicle such as IdeaLab. The key is identifying these vehicles. I suppose there are not a lot of people that can successfully pull it off either, so knowing the attributes of a (potentially) successful parallel entrepreneur will be key before deciding to jump on that path yourself.

    As I get more info on (1) stats on efficiency and successful outcomes, and (2) what attributes may make up a successful parallel entrepreneur, I’ll post here.