Pluggd makes podcasts chunkier & searchable!

Congratulations to Alex and his team at Pluggd (disclosure again: I am an investor in Pluggd).

They announced a new feature today to make individual podcasts chunkier and searchable, with some saavy and innovative enhancement of speech recognition technology combined with an excellent GUI. The Pluggd team is also doing some excellent work on user interfaces, among everything else they are accomplishing. No wonder why their userbase continues to grow.

TechCrunch made the announcement , and provides some interesting insight into the new capabilities to be offered.

This new innovation solves a major pain that I’ve had as a podcast consumer that led me to invest in Alex and his team. It is a much needed addition to the market, and with Alex’s experience & vision I had confidence that he was going to get it right.

Pluggd is presenting at DEMO this week, and will show off this new capability. Good luck Pluggd!

— brian

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