Impending MacBook problems

My 6 month old MacBook Pro just started making a weird noise the past two days. The best way to describe it seems to be that it sounds like a car idling in the driveway. A very soft chugging that is repeatable.

Time for a backup and a trip to the Apple store …. if I can get on the Genuis bar list.


Also makes me wonder about the durability of Apple notebooks in general. I bought this b/c my 13 month old 17" Powerbook was in for repair for a bad hard drive and motherboard (I made out OK by taking the prepaid service flat fee not knowing what the problem was). Now this one is barely 6 months old and is showing bad signs.

I’ve been rougher with laptops than I was with these beauties … with no physical problems with the hardware for longer periods of time. Hmmm ….

Anyone else seeing this type of problem on the MacBook?

— brian

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  • Brian –

    I had an Apple I-Book which was a trip through hell. Gratefully I purchased the Applecare warranty, but the system crashed and went haywire no fewer than six times, necessitating shipment to Memphis for service.

    After the most recent debacle and loss of data, my computer geek brother got them on the horn, and after some prodding, they replaced my I-Book with a spanking new Macbook! (Or maybe a rebuild but it looks new). How’s THAT for customer service!?

    I’m not taking chances this time I also bought a desktop I Mac, which is one of the sexiest pieces of computer hardware I have ever seen. And I also got the two computers sharing software and files, so I am not left hanging again.

    I love the OS2 operating system…but the equipment issues have been exasperating. I can see now I’m not the only one!


  • Apple’s packaging and usability is awesome, second to none. However, given their success with the new OSX and the iPod, they are introducing new things faster than ever. I think a lot of the problems people experience with Apple product is that they are pushing the envelope in more product areas with more features than they have ever handled in the past.

    Given that context, their product issues are tolerable and I am willing to work with them.

    I found their in-store support to be quite good. Per above – I had a Powerbook that was having problems too. After making a Genius Bar appointment, where they could not solve the problem, the person assisting me offered to send the laptop in for service. Prior to doing so, the also offered me a $350 support package which would cover any problems that they found (the Powerbook was past its warranty date by one month). I took the option. It turned out I needed a new motherboard and harddrive. All it cost me was $350! I also decided to buy the new Intel MacBook in the process. A win-win for both parties!

    Anyway, my MacBook has calmed down for now, but I did buy the $350 AppleCare package for it too, and will have it checked out at the Genius bar soon too just to be sure.

    I do appreciate the ease of use and the power of Apple’s laptop and desktop products and will continue to be a loyal customer. However, they seem to have more problems lately than before, and I hope Apple does not get too far ahead of itself. It has a very loyal customer base and can afford to be a little slower if it wants to (and Wall Street will allow it).

    — brian

  • Brian,
    I have had the same experiencce with my macbook pro. I purchased it back in April, and a few months later, I started to notice the same annoying ticking sound.

    It is caused by one of the fans that has a faulty ball bearing.

    You can get this fixed free of charge from any authorized apple dealer because it is covered within your one-year limited warranty. This warranty comes with your purchase.

    To check and see if you have a warranty go here:

    Scroll down to the “About your Support Coverage” box on the right column. Type in your serial number and see if you have a warranty. Then, from this site you should be able to locate a nearby apple dealer who can service your macbook.

    Best of luck!