The value of a company evangelist

Pluggd just launched their corporate blog. You can read and/or subscribe to it here. One of the interesting things about the blog is that it is primarily authored by someone that is not a Pluggd employee. Drew is a podcast producer and podcast consumer and Pluggd user, and he apparently loves the Pluggd service. So he offered to blog about it for them!

Great stuff. There is likely to be no better evangelist that a loyal and satisfied user.

— brian

  • Thanks for writing this up. You’re absolutely right. Who better to speak about a product or service than someone who uses it on a daily basis?

    Pluggd is just the best/cleanest/easiest site to listen to podcasts on. It’s that simple 🙂

  • Thanks Drew. No problem at all. I wish more companies would embrace their evangelists … it’s good for all of the customers and good for the company’s bottom line too.

    — brian