Kalivo now running on Kalivo

I’m pleased to announce that we are now running the Kalivo business on our own software. Check out the Kalivo website and you will see a working deployment of the Kalivo Customer Hub. In fact, it is possible that you are reading this on or from our Kalivo-powered website already (more on that below).

The notion of “eating our own dogfood” has been something I’ve always wanted to do in my career, but have not yet had the opportunity to implement. For the first time I’m running a business that can benefit tremendously from using its own product. It’s not only the hair club president that gets to do this!

The benefits of doing so are manyfold, including primarily:

  • Ability to empathize with our customers – firsthand experience with our products gives us a unique viewpoint into their value, features, usability, and challenges
  • Provides the ultimate endorsement – the success of our business depends on the success of our products in more ways than just the ability to sell our stuff

Effectively, we become our own case study, and have the ability to directly measure the value delivered by our products and relay that value to our customers and prospects. Moreover, as we discover new ways to leverage our product to drive business value, we can quickly implement those features and/or share that knowledge so that all may benefit.

I highly encourage everyone to go to our website and try out the implementation of our Customer Hub. Content all over the website is “discussable”, meaning you may leave a comment about our products, our FAQs, etc. Furthermore, you may start your own conversations on the website too. To contribute content, all we ask is that you register with us.

Much of the discussable content is in the “Community” section of the website, including this blog post, which is being replcated at the Kalivo website under the tag “CEO Blog”. We will be pulling blog and community content from across the web that we believe is relevant to our community into our Customer Hub, and it will all be discussable. To find interesting discussions, use the “Tag Cloud” section of the right-hand sidebar to identify discussions tagged with names that are of interest to you. To track you activitiy and conversations, make use of the “My Page” section of the website and/or subscribe using the many RSS feeds we provide.

We view our website – our Customer Hub – as a powerful pipeline to our customers and key constituents, and look forward to talking with and learning from all of you there (here). We will certainly be sharing our findings from using our own product on the Kalivo website as well.

We are looking forward to the discussion.

— brian