Writing from Ecto

Thanks to Jeff Nolan at Venture Chronicles I am writing this blog entry from Ecto. Ecto is a wonderful tool so far … I’m still in trial, but it looks like I’ll buy it. I am authoring two blogs right now. It can be a frustrating experience having to log-in to each admin console to write a post. It can also be frustrating if you have a flaky Web connection or none at all (e.g on an (Boeing) airplane).

I have created two posts from Ecto in my corporate Listening Post blog, which runs on WordPress, and it has been a great and flexible experience. I’m now trying it here, which is (for now) a TypePad blog.  So far, I recommend using this product. The trial is free and it takes only a minute or two to set up the system to connect to your blog(s). Give it a try if you are looking for an offline authoring environment.

— brian

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