Community thinking

As a native (and former) Buffalonian with most of my family still in the area, I like to keep track of things back home. One great source that I’ve found in my Web 2.0 world is the Buffalo Rising blog.

Here is a post from that blog talking about the upcoming new release of their site …. and it includes some very interesting thinking about community development. Namely – Reputation and Value-added functionality.

I think these guys are generating some highly interesting content, and it keeps me connected to the changes in the Buffalo area – particularly downtown where the creative class that is involved in blogging and Web 2.0 are beginning to remake the city around its many assets.

If you’re interested in community development, read the above post and check out their site when it launches with the new features. I’m certainly interested in what features will be included.

If you’re a Web 2.0 technology type – the areas of cross-community reputation management and powering community widgets may be compelling market opportunities. As more of these "local" communities develop and flourish, they will need these capabilities. A service that works across sites and content management systems may be the way to go.

On a somewhat related topic, are communities like Buffalo Rising the next generation of the local newspaper, or what the local web was supposed to be all about way back when (aka Citysearch, etc.)?

— brian