Cingular – Lowering the bar

I’m trying to adjust my Cingular account. Yes, it’s because I’m trying a new Treo 700p from Verizon, but that is because of a lot of other Cingular customer service and service quality issues before this one.

I figured I’d try the website first. I’m keeping my phone and a rate plan, but need to reduce the minutes and eliminate my blackberry data plan from Cingular.

I start with this inside my Cingular online account – "Manage Features". As you’ll see in a second, it is really "Add Features", as you cannot remove any that you already have. Their verbiage is wonderful below…. yes, indeed, it is all about me!

Manage Features


Wireless Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

It’s all about you. View, add or change your features to suit your lifestyle.

To add a feature, check the box beside it, then click Next.  If the
box is already checked then you’re already subscribed to that feature.

To learn more about a feature, click the feature name that interests you.

So, I can see what I have and add a feature or two, but cannot change any that I already have.

Next, I tried their support line next – 611. After navigating through four menu items – actually each was not a menu item, just a prompt to hit zero if your option was not listed – I was told that I was calling after hours (10pm my time).

I went back to the contact section of the website, and no hours of operation are provided.

Ugh. I’ll have to call tomorrow during business hours and see if I can get someone to make an adjustment for me. This may have been enough for me to dump the plan entirely now.

— brian