Web 2.0 and “auto save”

This is a slight rant. With the move to all of these cool Web 2.0 services (blogs, forums, wikis, communities, webmail, weboffice, etc. etc.) and all of the buzz around it, the usability still has some way to go. My biggest beef is with the lack of auto-save features implemented in Web 2.0 services.

I love the auto save feature on Gmail. It has saved my butt many times. I hate the fact that most SaaS applications and other Web 2.0 services do not have this feature. It’s the old problem of using Word and having Windows crash or lock-up: I forgot to save while I was working. Now it’s on the web, and things like my MacBook losing it’s WiFi connection (yes that is still happening) and not being able to backspace to cut and save my post, or my MacBook battery shorting out at 83% for no reason and killing my computer,  or a webservice going down due to power grid overloads (hello BlueHost and Dreamhost) during a post happen and can nuke a lot of work when in the process of trying to post a blog entry, an opportunity into SugarCRM, a comment on a blog or forum, etc.

A Web 2.0 love fest is going on with Ajax. Follow Google’s lead here – auto save is not a far fetched feature on Webapps. Everyone …. Implement it! Please! If there is a valid excuse as to why it cannot be implemented, I’d love to hear about it in the comments here.

— brian