A Worthwhile Read: Listenomics

You may also want to get involved.

Bob Garfied at Advertising Age coined the term Listenomics in this article about a year ago. The article is well worth a read. The vignettes about the vocational school employee who created a highly popular Apple advertisement and the disparity of consumer reviews for a Bissell vacuum are compelling examples of the power shift underway with Web 2.0 today.

Garfield is following up this posting with a project to publish a book called Listenomics collaboratively online with the readers of his blog. You may want to follow its progress or even get involved to see the potential implications Web 2.0 may have for your business.

The New Media Musings blog highlights the challenge of writing an online book, which is likely to be very true. However, I do wish Bob success in this endeavor, as the topic is compelling and will present ongoing business and legal challenges as well as opportunities.

— brian