Pluggd launches for podcasts!

A friend and former colleague at Trilogy, Alex Castro, just announced the launch of his new company Pluggd today. I think Alex is building a valuable re-aggregator for podcasts on the web, and his vision is highly compelling. Pluggd received a very positive review  from TechCrunch  today as part of its launch, so I think they agree with me and validate that Alex is off to a great start.

As a full disclosure, I am an angel investor in Pluggd. I believe in Alex’s vision for this important new media market, and his Microsoft and Amazon credentials are also compelling. What most compelled me to invest in Alex besides his credentials, the market potential for podcasting, and his vision and passion for the space, was his tenacity. He is a very gritty entrepreneur and I believe he will outlast any competitor in capturing this market by providing the best solution. As a result, the Web will get a service that makes finding, distributing and consuming podcasts easy and fun.

Good luck Alex and Pluggd. You’re off to a great start!

— brian