The Listening Post – Kalivo blog launches!

Today I’m announcing the launch of the website of a new company that I recently co-founded with some good friends and former colleagues from – Kalivo (pronounced kah-LEE-vo). I mentioned this company in previous posts, but the website is now live as is my blog on that site, the Listening Post.

Working on the theme for the Listening Post and its associated widgets, plus sulking over the Sabres loss in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals is my excuse for not posting here as frequently over the past week. Sorry.

I will continue to maintain this blog in addition to the Kalivo Listening Post. The BKM Blog will continue to focus on entrepreneurial topics & seed investing, in addition to new media and the progress of my web game show THINK!, and sports (Sabres, Bills, & Yankees) when at the top of my mind.

Check out the Listening Post and give me feedback. The subscription feeds there are current, so please be sure you’re using the most recent feeds to subscribe. I included some cool widgets in the sidebar and will be adding more from week to week.  I do want to know if they are adding any value to my readers. I also want to work on the theme some more to improve the usability.

— bkm