Southwest is embracing Enterprise 2.0

Here is a link to a post on my personal blog which highlights Southwest’s efforts in embracing Enterprise 2.0. If you read the blog post, the links, and comment thread, I believe it illustrates that Southwest is at a minimum putting a good foot forward in this new world.

They are listening, receiving valuable feedback, and making strong attempts in engaging in the conversation. I am rooting for them in this effort, and hope they can aggregate some useful feedback from their customers as well as tighten their customer relationships. I am also eager to see the fruits of their efforts and how much their engagement in the Web 2.0 world contributed.

Most of what I had to say regarding Southwest was said in the link above, but I did want to highlight my personal post here as I will now be blogging on topics such as these here at the Listening Post rather than on my personal blog.

— brian