MacBook Pro problems (I’m not alone Apple!)

Alex Castro posted about similar issues on his blog and I’m here to echo the complaints he made about the new MacBook Pro 15" that I own. Readers of my blog know that I am working on a new company called Kalivo that is focused on enabling companies to listen to the user-generated content on the web and engage in a dialog with these influencers (many of which are customers or prospects for the company).

So, part of my mission on this blog is to articulate or amplify problems I have with comapnies and their products or services, as well as praises. I’m going to figure out a tagging taxonomy for this as well soon. I want to generate awareness among companies that the web is full of information that will help them serve their customers and other constituent communities better and profit from doing so. I’m also curious to see how many are listenting today to this vital medium.

Regarding Alex’s post on the MacBook Pro – this is an amplification. With feedback blogs, every post (i.e. vote) counts even if saying some or all of the same thing. I own three Apple laptops – a G4 15" that my wife uses, a G4 17" on my desktop and a MacBook Pro for mobile and on the road. I love the Apple laptops – incredible machines.

The MacBook Pro is great too. But it does have some non-trivial issues that need to be addressed. I’ll comment on Alex’s list below and add my own:

  1. Too Hot – yes it is!! way too hot.
  2. WiFi Problems / Wifi Fails to Connect – yes, Alex hits this on the head here. wifi sees networks and just does not connect without a reboot. furthermore, sometimes it just drops the connection (while I’m in the middle of a blog post online @ TypePad)
  3. Too Loud – yes, but I’m not too bothered by it
  4. TrackPad problems – haven’t experienced any myself yet.
  5. Sleep Mode Problems – this is endemic to all Apple Laptops. happens quite randomly
  6. LCD brightness – haven’t seen it on mine

The Powerbooks have some issues as well to be sure. However, none are mission critical. The WiFi Failing to Connect is mission critical. With the world moving to web applications on Ajax, the connectivity is critical. Losing it can be the equivalent of having Windows crash while using Word and not backing up every 2 minutes : )

— brian

  • If you have tinitus (ringing in the ears – like people get temporarily after going to a loud concert but the permanent version), as I do, the whine of the mac book pro can be quite frustrating. It just so happens that the whine macbook pros emit almost exactly matches the frequency of the buzzing I get from tinitus. Luckily, opening photo booth seems to, for some reason, eleviate the whine. Oh, and yes, the damn thing is WAY too hot. I’m fairly certain that I could cook an egg on mine if it weren’t for the fact I really don’t want slimey egg bits to get inside my macbook pro!

  • Joe

    I just returned my MacBook today. I have owned it less then a week and it has frozen up 3 times. The only way I could unfreeze it was disconect the power and remove the battery. Could you imagine writting a report and haveing it do this to you? I also noticed that the bottom left side becomes very hot with a hour of use. After this if you put it in sleep mode it may freeze or it may freeze while using it. If you put a DVD in it the fan ramps up and become very loud, way louder then my 2 year old NEC. I like the MacBook but I could not have a system that freezes up and I could not trust. Maybe Apple will listen up and fix the problem but I dought it.

  • Thank you Robin and Joe for your comments. I do hope Apple is listening to the blogosphere for feedback on this product. It really is unfortunate, since the product is otherwise great. The problems with the MacBook can have a big impact on the user.

    So far I am generally pleased. In fact, running Windows XP on Parallels makes this a great platform for me – I can now test my web development against IE on Windows!

    That said, for me the biggest issue remains the WiFi connectivity. Based on these comments, the other issues are equally as big if Apple wants to spur greater adoption of this product.

    — brian