End to Conspiracy Theories in Buffalo

I’m glad somebody said it. Thank you Bucky Gleason. I was not happy with the officiating in Game 4 or Game 5 of the Ottawa series, and do think the Sabres ended up with the short end of the stick in those games. The refs missed calls on both sides, but more so with the Sabres. It happens though, even in the "new NHL."

However, Gleason is right – the NHL has already won this year and the champion will produce a great story and a lot of excitement. The officials have not changed their approach from the regular season and they are letting teams skate according to the new rules. The result is a win for the NHL.

Buffalo has a long history of not winning major sports championships. Hindsight and replays can point to a lot of incidents. The fact remains that the teams just never played well enough to win the big game. Look at the Bills vs. Giants in 1990. That game should not have come down to Norwood kicking a 47 yarder. Yet it did and Buffalo lost. You could probably point to a bad call somewhere in that game that may have turned it around, but the fact is the Bills lost.

The good news here for Buffalo fans is that this Sabres team is a team of winners. Have confidence in them and forget the past. I’m not saying they will win, but in my lifetime, this is the first Buffalo team that looks, acts, and plays like champions, from the front-office right down to the last player on the bench. It may not be this year, but they will bring Buffalo a major sports championship soon. I’m betting it will be this year, and if it’s possible these guys will find a way.

Forget about the officials and focus on the guys who can actually control the outcome of the game – the Sabres themselves.

— bkm