The difference in winning and losing

Confidence. You have to believe you can do it. This applies in sports and all other aspects of competitive situations and in life itself.

From a recent AP article below, I though Jay McKee of the Buffalo Sabres captured this well when speaking about the difference between the Sabres’ 1999 Stanley Cup run (which ended in a loss to Dallas in the Cup finals) and this year’s team.

Jay McKee was with the Buffalo Sabres during their unexpected trip to the 1999 Stanley Cup final.

The current run with the Sabres feels even better to the veteran defenceman, and it’s not even June yet.

"In 1999, I felt like we kept surprising ourselves. Each time we won a
round, we were kind of like, ‘Wow, we won again,"’ McKee said Sunday,
referring to the Dominik Hasek-led team that eventually lost in the
final to Dallas. "This year, we believe we can beat any team in a
seven-game series. "It’s not cockiness, it’s just humble confidence."

For the Sabres, I hope he is right and do believe they can beat any team in the league over 7 games this year. Doing it is the challenge now. For the rest of us, it is a good reminder that having confidence in succeeding at what your doing is a key ingredient to actually succeeding.

— bkm

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