A solid VC blog

I’m back after a long absence in posting – just finished a major crunch in launching the pilot of our new Web Game Show, THINK!.

Mike Hirshland from Polaris Ventures just started blogging. I was referred to his blog by another blog, and have begun reading his posts. I am highly interested in following Mike’s blog and think he is on the right track for what a VC blog should be about. Furthermore, I do not know Mike and am not currently seeking funding from Polaris, so this recommendation is purely b/c I think Mike’s blog is going to be a valuable read for many in the tech start-up community.

His mission is great – read one of his first posts here and you’ll get that he will focus on writing about what he knows and where he can add unique insights. Specifically, I’m looking forward to Mike’s investment insights:

“I am also going to take a crack at spelling out some of the thinking that goes into the particular investments I am making.”

I believe if Mike stays true to his mission both members of Mike’s value chain – entrepreneurs and limited partners (although I wonder how many LPs really subscribe to the blogosphere right now) – will derive true insight into how and whether Mike will be (or is) a quality service provider.

Furthermore, Mike’s comments on the “why” of choosing specific investments should add value to all enterepreneurs regardless of whether Mike and Polaris invests.

From his initial postings, it seems clear to me that Mike is staying true to his mission. He is also adding an intangible that is not widely prevalent in the overall blogosphere today – sticking to where he adds value. For example, on the hot topic of whether we’re on the cusp of major disruption in the VC industry, Mike simply points to others already blogging on the topic as he feels he either does not have the time or does not have anything new to add to it.

Thanks for your contributions Mike …. I’m a fan and am looking forward to reading future posts.

— bkm