Media 2.0 – solutions from innovators needed

So, Fred Wilson posted trying to get the attention of TV executives and inform them what they can do about the current and impending decimation of their business models. A few may listen, but most will not until it is late in the game (as we can see from today’s NY Times headlines on the newspaper industry – a mere precursor what may happen to other old media types).

I am intrigued by Fred’s post and by Umair Haque’s post at Bubblegeneration on TV 2.0, which Fred referenced. If you read these two posts, and skim the presentation on the New Econmics of Media that Umair also posted (link on Umair’s right sidebar), you may be as intrigued by the possibilities and potential that still exist in the new media game, and by the implicit fact that the old-line media companies will be hard pressed to truly adjust to this “flat world.”

As an entrepreneur, that signals fertile ground to me. As a vast microchunk content consumer (blog RSS/Atom feeds,, alerts, podcasts, video, etc.), the world is my oyster in terms of potential content, yet my time is extremely scarce. It’s only going to get better from a content choice perspective, and worse from an available time standpoint. Exactly the points made in the above referenced blogs.

What to do? I have what I consider to be one of the best free feed aggregators on the market – BlogBridge – yet I still spend way too much time parsing my feeds for interesting content. I subscribe to countless podcasts, yet even the best ones only provide me with a fraction of valuable content. With podcasting the parsing is even harder than RSS et. al. feeds, because it is not easy to skip segments and tracks in a podcast the way you can skim text. Thus, I hardly ever listen to what are probably very interesting and valuable segments of podcasts.

Umair’s framework of potential new media opportunity areas (a) Smart Aggregators (b) Micromedia platforms, and (c) Reaggregators sound like things that would be extremely valuable to me (and I’m sure countless others).

I asked Umair (via comment) to list great (and even good) examples of companies providing products addressing any of his above listed solution areas. I’ll put out a similar request here – please post comments.

I’m aching for a solution to parsing and digesting the current wave and coming tsunami of microchunked content this includes all types.

In parallel, I’m going to begin a project to assess the market of existing solutions, a potential entry product and business model; if the opportunity is there I may release an offering that starts on the way to Umair’s description of a Reaggregator. The alphabet soup of technologies are there to get us underway – xml, tagging, rss, atom, opml, sse, etc. etc. – yet there is a long way to go.

— bkm

  • Brian, forgive the slightly offtopic comment — I couldn’t find an email for you anywhere.

    I appreciate your comments about BlogBridge, and you hit the nail on the head – what I am trying to do with BlogBridge:

    “I’m aching for a solution to parsing and digesting the current wave and coming tsunami of microchunked content this includes all types.” and the notion of opportunity for smart aggregators.

    I’d be interested in picking your brain a little for big ideas on how to make BlogBridge totally live up to that goal. Small ideas too of course. Would you be willing to talk or email? Please get in touch… ( has my contact info)

  • Pito, thanks for the comment. BlogBridge is a product that has finally made feed reading manageable for me. You are truly one of the innovators out there. I would love to help out in any way possible. I’ll send you an email soon so we can connect.

    — bkm